Pair a smart trainer and feel the change in the Mars terrain with the automation of a smart trainers resistance control.

  • Automatic pedal resistance by the game to your legs.

  • A realistic and immersive feel.

  • More accurate than a speed sensor.

See examples of Smart Trainers here

Pair a non-smart/classic trainer or rollers with a power meter or speed sensor to virtualize your speed on Mars.

  • Inexpensive to get started. 

  • Pedal resistance must be changed manually.

  • A very enjoyable ride with friends over Mars terrain.

See examples of Speed Sensors here

See examples of Power Meters here



There was no going back; healthy, living in harmony, we created a life on Mars. Until suddenly, it all came to halt. We had little time to secure a defensive layer around us before we lacked the resources to complete it, and so we retreated to the safety of the colony domes.  

We now lack battery power, transportation and defenses. We need a vehicle to secure the supply lines, so we will produce non-electric lightweight bicycles; they will be perfect, and those who will ride them, they will be Martian heroes. Working together, they can save us, we will make it! We will ride to survive. 

New Exploration Experience

In SOL, all the Mars maps you ride are created from heightmap imagery thanks to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Using this data we make it possible for you to explore, learn and feel the real contours of the Mars terrain. This is an experience you cannot get from a news article or a robotic rover photo.


In 2021, NASA's Perseverance rover will look for  signs of ancient Mars life and collect rock and soil samples to return to Earth and study. Follow humankinds journey to Mars with us, SOL includes the latest Mars news and technology, from the first drones developed by NASA to future mechanical-pressure spacesuits designed by MIT. 

Continuous Development

We are continuously developing SOL to add new features and improve your experience every time you ride. We encourage your suggestions and hope we can add them into the production pipeline.

Your subscriptions support our continual development. Come and see what the team are working on right now!


Terrain Image:
NASA/JPL/University of Arizona 

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