Do I need an internet connection to play?

Yes, all rides on SOL are via an internet connection. All rides are multiplayer.

What equipment do I need to play the game?

You will need: + A Bicycle
AND + An ANT+ USB dongle(to connect your computer to the equipment) + Smart Bicycle Trainer Note: you may not need the ANT+ dongle as Bluetooth is now supported on most trainers.

OR + An ANT+ USB dongle (to connect your computer to the equipment) + Bicycle Rollers/Traditional Trainer (to mount your bike) + Power/Speed Sensor (ANT+ Compatible) Note: you may not need the ANT+ dongle as Bluetooth is now supported on most trainers.

+ Heart Rate Monitor (ANT+ Compatible) + Cadence Monitor (ANT+ Compatible)

Where is the a game download link?

If you have purchased the game via the website you will get a download link in your email. If you did not get the email please contact us at

What is an ANT+ dongle? Where can I get one?

It is a little USB device that you will need connect your trainer to the computer. It is the device that receives the signals from the sensors on your bike or your trainer and transmits to the game.
Try Amazon here.

Can I use Bluetooth to connect?

If your Smart Trainer device is BLE FTMS compatibile then you can use Bluetooth.
If you are having issues connecting via Bluetooth in the future, we recommend moving to ANT+.

Can I still ride without a smart trainer or a power meter?

Yes, we support ANT+ and Bluetooth speed sensors too so you can still join, contribute to a colony and explore Mars without an expensive setup. You will still need a normal trainer or something to mount your bike.

Can I use a smartphone, tablet or AppleTV?

Sorry, we only support desktop/laptop PCs and Macs. AppleTV is currently being worked on. We will then be adding smartphone & tablet support.

What are the minimum system requirements?


Architecture: x86
Direct X: Version 10
Memory: 4GB
Video Memory: 1GB
Processor: 64 bit core i5 or better
Graphics: Geforce series 9 or better

Important question, does it connect to Strava?

Yes, otherwise how could you say it happened!


Do I need Life Support?

The Martian atmosphere is 100 times thinner than that on Earth and contains trace amounts of oxygen only. So spinning full pelt up the side of Olympic Mons like a half-crazed fitness centre jock is not recommended. Unless you’ve got lungs like blacksmith’s bellows you’ll get no further than ten feet before you’re wheezing like an asthmatic sumo wrestler after twenty press ups. You'll need a life support system.

Can I wear my "I love Mars" bib & jersy kit?

Low atmospheric pressure on Mars would cause all soluble gases in your bloodstream to boil, rendering you stone dead within seconds unless you wear a pressurised space-suit (Hot Tip: Wear a proper space-suit!). We know that wearing the full 'Mark Watney' may create chafing in interesting places, but ‘uncomfortable’ has to be better than ‘dead.’

How do I prepare for the weather?

We recommend several layers of clothing while in the habitat. A casual shirt and shorts under your spacesuit for through the day, when your sweating like cold beer at an Irish family reunion, and a coat fashioned from a couple of grizzly bear pelts if you’re getting out of bed at night for a wee when it’s a bracing -80 degrees centigrade.

Will it affect my allergies?

Be aware that Mars is covered with finely grained, abrasive, toxic dust. This stuff’ll corrode your lungs quicker than smoking the contents of a 16- wheeler semi laden to capacity with packs of ciggies, so yeah.. it likely will cause a sneeze - best to keep your helmet on!

Maybe also wear bicycle clips to prevent dust climbing up the inside of your trousers and eroding you knees over the course of a long trip.

Is there anything else I should know?

Where ever you may end up on Mars, you’ll need to be slathered in factor 800 sun block and tuck in some tin-foil at all times because there’s enough cosmic rays around 24/7 to fry an elephant from the inside out.


What payments types are accepted?

We accept all credit cards or paypal securely on our website.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, we are happy to issue refunds if your payment was made within the last 30 Days.

What is your Privacy Policy?

We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.


How do I create a colony?

In SOL your Strava Club becomes your Colony. The activities from your club acitivites go towards building and expanding your Mars colony. 1. Login/Signup to Strava and create a club, see Strava website for how: 2. Select the club on your Strava profile that you want to use in game, see image:

How do I join a friend while they are riding in game?

Join the game and in the control menu (top left hand corner) you will see a player list, click on your friends name and press JOIN. This will take you directly to your friends position, no need to schedule a place, just a time!

How do I schedule a time to ride with friends?

Use the Strava app to create an event inside your Strava Club (Colony). See Strava website for how:


Devices are not connecting.

1. Check your device has power.
2. Peddle the device as you try to search for it.
3. Use a USB extender to bring sensors closer to the device.
4. Check the device is working with another device or program.

Game performance is slow.

1. Reduce the overall graphics setting from high to low and turn down shadows. 2. Use a dedicated internet connection rather than WIFI connection. 3. Close background applications on the computer or restart the computer. 4. Check your computer specs against our minimum requirements.